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Business / Commercial


With thousands of business customers in the region, A.B. Wass has the experience and expertise to understand the individual requirements of each unique business situation.

As with all our customers, we'll start by providing you with a security assessment of how to best handle the security needs of your unique location. Only then will our team of Certified Security Specialists custom-design the security alarm system that will address and answer all your specific requirements and deliver the level of security protection you demand. We will not only provide you with an inventory of the equipment needed, but we will also take the time to explain in detail exactly how the system will protect your premises.

Over the years, we've provided custom security alarm system design, installation, service and monitoring services to a wide array of varying types of business and commercial premises. From commercial office towers, to strip malls, clubs, restaurants, large scale industrial plants, the local ‘mom & dad’ family-run operations to virtually any kind of application where security is needed, A.B. Wass has answered the challenge.

Thousands of Businesses Count on A.B. Wass to Mind Their Premises rwhen business is closed for the day . . .  shouldn't you Call A.B. Wass today!